Who Uses Tool Control?

All Aerospace companies are required to have Tool Control Systems. This is regulated by each appropriate country.


Transport Canada has the authority to shut down an aerospace business if it does not follow their policies and procedures. Just because you are not an aerospace company, that doesn’t mean you can’t implement some of these systems into your business.

If it works for Aerospace………….it should work for your company!

Armed Forces

All the Armed Forces in the world use Tool Control.

I have personally seen systems in Canada, United States of America, Sweden, Chile, Holland and Colombia. There is a saying in the Aerospace field: “Your tools shouldn’t go on a better vacation than you do!”

Detention Facilities

Detention Facilities, Prisons and Jails also use it. Very important to know where all the tools are, so the inmates can’t use them against you.


Schools use them in the Industrial Arts programs. Its everywhere!!