What APB Tool Control Can Do For You

APB is a company that will take care of all your inventory and tool storage needs, by making custom spots for your items.

Our services include: organizing a workshop, toolbox, work trailer, sea can, or any other storage facility. Basically, you tell us what you want controlled.

Here are some reasons to have Tool Control in your workplace:

  1. A properly cleaned up area usually equals a safer area to work. Clutter is removed and reduced.
  2. You will have a more professional looking business. Your potential clients always judge the overall appearance of your business.
  3. Less frustration looking for the items you know you have. This is probably my biggest pet peeve. Knowing I have a tool, but I cannot find it. It’s amazing how many tape measures I had after I organized my garage. But not one, when I needed it.
  4. Promotes good work habits, and trains employees to put tools back in the proper designated spot.
  5. Peace of mind, knowing tools are where they should be. When you lose a tool, you worry where it could end up. For example, in the inlet of a turbo fan jet engine. An engine that costs millions of dollars and is very expensive to repair. I lost a tool while working at a place in the aerospace industry.
  6. To this day, I can still tell you what it was! A ¼ inch drive, black oxide, six point, 5/16 size Snap-On socket. I never did find it.
  7. A mechanic does not know where every tool is unless a system is in place. Don’t let them tell you different, I was one!
  8. Greatly improve communication – everyone knows where the tool is located.
  9. Let the business concentrate on promoting their product, instead of searching for tools. Let them focus on their business.
  10. With Tool Control, enforcing proper tool usage, and return, is easier to do. With no Tool Control System in place, it is hard to discipline a employee for not putting a tool in its proper spot, since there isn’t one.
    • “Steve – you didn’t put that floor broom away.”
    • Steve will say, “I found it lying against the scaffolding beside the aircraft. Where do I put it?”
  11. Implementing a system benefits shareholders, business owners, managers and employees. A more efficient, competitive company, ensures all involved have better job security. All win.
  12. Easily identify when a tool is missing.
    • The sooner you identify that a tool is missing, the better chance you will have at its recovery.
    • If you lose a tool for a couple of hours, you can still retrace yours steps to look for it. If a tool has been missing for a month or more, it is a lot harder to retrace your steps.
  13. Better product flow through the business when Tool Control is implemented.
  14. More efficient company = you stay more competitive.
  15. Don’t allow your competition to exceed you.
    • The longer you operate your business with bare systems in place, the more the survival of your company is at risk.
    • This is what I have seen in the industry.
  16. Tool Control can help you avoid potential lawsuits. A system in place helps protect the company and its employees, which can save a lot of money.
  17. Tool Control saves money! It does cost some initial money to set up, but the advantages of having a system will pay for itself, time and time again.
  18. It’s affordable. Implementing a Tool Control System does not have to expensive!
  19. Tool Control provides accountability. Hold everyone accountable in your company.
    • Is accountability viewed negatively? It shouldn’t be. Accountability gets results!
    • Put a Tool Control System in place, to have the ability to solve problems, instead of laying blame! All managers should know this.
    • Action sheets are great for keeping people accountable.