The Three Keys of Tool Control

1 – Definition

The definition of Tool Control: A system, that when implemented and enforced, can alleviate a lot of unnecessary events or problems that occur with businesses and their employees.

2 – Tool Control is Only Part Of the Answer

Implementing a tool control system into your workplace will not be the total answer to misplaced items.

It is a system that needs to be enforced for it to be effective.

Making a bunch of two colour foam can give tools a proper spot, but the item has to be checked. It must be checked at the start and end of the work day to ensure that it is not missing and it is in its designated spot.

3 – Businesses Have the Power

Businesses have the power to influence or direct people’s (employees’) behaviours to control the course of events at their workplace.

How can they influence people? With company policies and procedures that are enforced when using a device or tool to accomplish a task.