Checklist for Good Tool Control

Good Tool Control Should Be

  1. QUICK – Quick check at the start of the day, and the end of the day to ensure that tools are not missing.
  2. EFFICIENT – Do all your tools have a proper designated spot?
  3. CLEARLY IDENTIFIED – Is there any confusion what tool is missing?
  4. EASY TO USE – If a system is implemented, it should not require too much time to use the system.
  5. OBVIOUS – Obvious if a tool is missing, having another colour under the tool helps identify that the tool is missing.
  6. KNOWING WHAT IS EXPECTED – What do you have ownership of and what are you accountable for?
  7. 100 % ENFORCED BY MANAGEMENT – Tool control systems must be enforced by all levels of management to work and be effective.
  8. 100 % DONE BY ALL EMPLOYEES – Buy-in from all employees must happen for the tool control system to succeed.