About The Owner

Ben Friesen is the owner and chief consultant at APB Tool Control.

Ben started the company after accumulating over twenty years of experience working on Aircraft Engines.

Company policies and procedures are a key part of this work. Because of the nature of the business, all these rules are required and must be enforced.

After watching the industry closely for a long time, a business opportunity presented itself and APB Tool Control was formed.

Ben started working in the Aerospace industry in 1988 with an Aircraft Engine Overhauler in Winnipeg, working specifically on T56 Turbo Prop Engines. Some of these models of are used on Hercules aircraft, an aircraft used worldwide by armed forces, including in Canada.

For 17 years, Ben worked in a highly technical and highly structured environment. Dismantling, cleaning, inspecting, kitting, assembling, testing and servicing these engines.

In doing field service work for customers, this experience has included many systems in various companies all around the world.

Ben also worked in Alberta with a company providing aerial fire fighting using Electra aircraft. Firebombing.

The combination of skills experience and vision gained over the course of twenty years brings organization and control to APB’s customers.